Starting The Perfect Home Based Business

At the point of desperation people choose counter-productive measures as a solution to their financial woes. These include taking out high interest personal loans, working a second or third job, selling their valuables, or being forced downsize their lifestyle. Can you see a benefit in any of these options? Do they bring you closer or […]

Creating GIFs – Learn How

The method of creating a GIF in Microsoft Paint is fairly simple. 1. The first step is to open a Microsoft Paint screen on the desktop. 2. Using the accessories, an image can be created on screen. 3. The ‘Save As’ option in the File Menu provides the option of saving the file to the […]

I Create, Devils Or Angels

We all need to create, that is a basic human nature. It drives us to have children, to improve the quality of our life, to build things or a business, to have a home and decorate it in a certain way, to have a garden, or any way in which you do things to transform […]